Ben Winrock


Ben Winrock has been an assistant for Harrison Mccandless at AO Glass for over two years. An aspiring gaffer and a fixture of the Burlington punk community. There hasn't been a concert in Burlington he didn't attend in the past decade.                                                                

Josh Decatur

Assistant / cold worker

Josh Decatur attends the University of Vermont where he is a double major in economics & philosophy. When he's not busy reading Marx he's cold working in the back, or standing in as an assistant wherever he is needed. 

Paul Mayer

cold worker

Paul Mayer graduated from UVM with a degree in environmental studies in 2013.

He is working at AO while he plans the creation of a permaculture homestead. 


Sherry Coburn


Sherry Coburn has an extensive background in painted stained glass and torch work with borosilicate glass. She is now trying her hand at furnace work as an assistant to Lucas Lönegren.