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the hot shop


Our hot shop holds a collection of tools, furnaces, and jigs collected and refined over a several lifetimes of mastery. 

Our eight hundred square foot hot shop can reach 140° fahrenheit (60° celsius) and it is in the beating heart of the Burlington South End Arts District.  Music and laughter echo from the garage door we keep wide open year round.  Local artists and residents gravitate to the warmth and excitement of the place for hanging out, drinking coffee, and contributing with their creativity. 

Our furnace holds 500 pounds of molten glass at 2,100° fahrenheit (1149° celsius). It is kept hot 24 hours a day; the crucible that holds the glass can withstand a year at that temperature before cracking and being replaced.  In addition to the furnace we have three reheat chambers, three annealing ovens, countless glassblowing ironspunties, sheers, jacks and wooden blocks.