AO Glass is one the most sophisticated hot glass studios in the country today, capable of high quality innovative design and production. Drawing on our twenty-four years of experience, we integrate traditional techniques with technological innovation in order to be the glass manufacturer that the country's top firms use for their high end glass needs. At the AO workplace individual growth, empowerment, and work life balance are equally important.

We offer free-blown and mold-blown designs, casting and pressing. We are problem solvers and work with you through the entire process.




On owners, Rich Arentzen and Tove Ohlander:

We met at the Orrefors Glass School in 1994, attraction at first sight.  We started a family, and a glass blowing studio in Baerum's Verk, Norway, center of the World's cross country ski enthusiasts.  Having children, and having a craft business was almost equally as profitable in Scandinavia... However, drawn to a more flexible lifestyle and to Burlington VT in particular, we moved here in 2007 and started AO Glass, a combination of our two last names. 

To combat the recession that hit just as we lit our new furnaces (!) we turned our production around to glass snowmen.  Our VT Senator, and former Burlington Mayor, Bernie Sanders brought attention to our snowmen to the Smithsonian Museum as he boldly started the initiative Made in America!

In 2014 we decided we where ready to grow, and found partners in the glass lighting industry. Hubbardton Forge, shortly followed by Lindsey Adelman, became our first big design clients. 

This changed AO Glass from being a small art glass studio, to a premiere vendor of glass components in the lighting industry.  Our unique set-up, size, and "know how", enables us to provide clients with unique sample sessions and large manufacturing capacity.  This, coupled with an unmatched attentiveness to design and quality, problem solving, and guidance throughout the entire process makes AO Glass a great company to work with!